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In 2021, Jakub Mrówka established the Common Arts Foundation, a project that matured for several years to finally be realised through an open space available to all art enthusiasts.

By animating activities in the area of culture and art and sharing their effects in the open space of the Internet, the Founder pursues the goal of making art accessible to everyone, regardless of their material status or place of residence. By transferring the effects of its actions to the online space, the Foundation implements the assumption of an open society with unlimited access to knowledge.

Gathered over years, Jakub Mrówka’s family collection of works of Polish modern and contemporary art of the 20th and 21st centuries was made available to the Foundation.

The founder’s goal is to create a collection that is widely accessible. Therefore, the Foundation organises exhibitions and meetings to accompany the collection.


Iwona Wojnarowicz – President of the Board


Jakub Mrówka – Chairman

Robert Szlachta 

Gerard Domański