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Common Arts Foundation opens unlimited access to the works of Polish artists on the web.

The key element of the Common Arts Foundation’s activity is to provide open and unlimited access to the achievements of Polish artists in any  place and time. Therefore, the main focus of our activities is the project of catalogues of works created by artists selected by the Foundation, in open online access. Ultimately, online catalogues will be a natural extension and complement to outstanding publications in the paper version.

Building time-unlimited raisonné directories is an action planned for years. Open access will not only disseminate knowledge about the oeuvre of given artists, but will also grant access to a huge and invaluable base for art researchers, including students and academic lecturers, and will be an important contribution to the removal of counterfeit works from the art market.

All enthusiasts, owners of works and researchers are invited to submit new objects to the emerging and already created raisonné catalogues.

Online catalogues are living organisms which, with the support of art enthusiasts, expand and change, striving to gather all works of a particular artist.

Our first project is the digitization and sharing of Jerzy Tchórzewski’s raisonné catalogue, published by the IRSA publishing house.


Thanks to an agreement between the Common Arts Foundation and the IRSA publishing house, a comprehensive catalogue of the raisonné of Jerzy Tchórzewski's works will be published in open access on the Internet.

In 2020, the IRSA publishing house published a two-volume work Suffering Form: Jerzy Tchórzewski. Painting, edited by Krystyna Czerni and Józef Grabski, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the death of Jerzy Tchórzewski (1928–1999).

For the first time in Poland, our Foundation will publish the online edition of Tchórzewski’s catalogue. At the same time, it will inaugurate a number of new projects based on open access catalogues of artists’ works.

The catalogue includes a wide selection of the artist’s oil paintings and gouaches. It especially provides for the less known and never reproduced works. The online version of the catalogue is planned to be completed at the beginning of the third quarter of this year.


Submit artists work to the catalogue.

Online catalogues are living organisms.

We do not want our knowledge of the artist’s legacy to end with the publication of a book. Our dream is for the online catalog to constantly expand, enriching our knowledge with new works by Jerzy Tchórzewski and finally collecting the full oeuvre of the artist. A lot of  works are still unknown to us, we have heard about many, but we do not know where they are stored.

All enthusiasts, owners of works and researchers are invited to submit new objects to the emerging and already created raisonné catalogues.

After verification, the work will be published in the artist’s online catalog and, in the future, in an annex on paper.

Submit the work of Jerzy Tchórzewski to the catalogue: