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The Common Arts Foundation was established in 2021 as a maturing over years expression of the need to create space by collectors and also directed at them as well as to undertake activities that go beyond the mere collection of works of art.

The premises of the foundation is a place open to all art enthusiasts. Our primal objective is to facilitate and expand access to culture and art. We strive to remove material, territorial and time limitations restricting the possibility of contact with art through exhibition, animation, educational and publishing activities based on open access to the content on the Internet.

All actions of the Common Arts Foundation will be fully published on the Internet, so that our activities can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

A series of events, meetings, conferences, and exhibitions related to the presentation of the artistic achievements of the most outstanding Polish and the most interesting foreign artists will be organised together with creating the collection within the Foundation.

An important activity of the Foundation is the organisation of exhibitions based on the research issues and their development through lectures, meetings with experts, scientific sessions and conferences. Art collections from private collections in Poland will contribute to building the narrative.


Through the actions of the Common Arts Foundation, we strive to:

  • assist the development of culture and arts as well as facilitate and increase access to culture and arts,

  • support works on describing Polish art of the 20th and 21st centuries, along with providing public access to materials and exhibitions,

  • preserve decaying artistic heritage by supporting the protection, saving, and securing of contemporary art objects in public collections in cooperation with Polish museums. Also, through open events and meetings with specialists at conservation and protection of artistic heritage. As well as publicly and openly sharing records of art restoration processes,

  • open publishing activity based on free access to its publication on the Internet,

  • organise research and scientific work in art history and related sciences,

  • create an outstanding collection and popularise the tradition of enchantment of art and collecting in Poland,

  • popularise and undertake scientific exhibition actions, including organising exhibitions related to conference and seminar activities expanding scientific knowledge in the subject undertaken by the exhibitions,

  • run a program promoting young artists and the latest phenomena in contemporary art,

  • initiate and support debuts as well as artistic and curatorial activities,

  • promote Polish contemporary art both in Poland and abroad,

  • provide innovative educational activities related to the promotion of knowledge in contemporary art,

  • cooperate with galleries, museums and research institutions in organising exhibitions, exchanging research, information, including establishing contacts with artists from other countries and organising artistic exchange on the basis of residency.



The Common Arts Foundation achieves its goals by creating online catalogues of artists’ works and organising exhibitions, meetings, scientific sessions, and conferences as part of the Common Culture program.

The key element of the Foundation’s activities is the constant and active presence in the open Internet space with the possibility of access to our content by anyone interested.

We publish and share all recordings of meetings that take place live at our premises via the Internet, publish raisonné catalogues and our publications, including collection catalogues, records, notes, collections, interviews, and all other materials that are created as part of the Foundation’s actions.


Jerzy Tchórzewski w Zachęcie


Our main project. To create and host open access catalogues of artists' works on the Internet

common culture

Exhibitions, lectures, conferences, and meetings. All these projects are organised in our premises.