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The Foundation’s premises is a space dedicated to contemporary art enthusiasts: collectors, researchers, and viewers.

Our premises at Sienna 83 is a place teeming with passion for art, where in addition to exhibitions and screenings, the Common Arts Foundation invites you to a number of events related to its current activities. In our gallery, we organise temporary exhibitions touching upon themes of the works of the collection.

We also present the works of art of private collectors who have not previously shown their gatherings to the public. We organise vernissages, meetings, conferences, sessions and lectures focused on the topics discussed at the exhibitions. The record of our events will always be available on the Internet.

The activities of the Foundation are based on several pillars: first and foremost is creating and sharing catalogues of Polish artists. We strive to publish full raisonné catalogues and to select the most important periods in the work of individual artists. All our catalogues will be available online.

The other pillar is building a collection that is created by the Common Arts Foundation. This will become a contribution to the creation of contextual exhibitions in our space.

The above lead us to the third pillar: the Common Culture project – a scientific and research program consisting of radio play projects, conference-seminars and publishing activities.



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